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Our hutches are ideally suited to accommodate a wide variety of pets, including cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, large birds, and chooks.


  • Hoops are made from 20x20x1.6 mm galvanised steel with galvanised angle ground rails.¬†
  • The components are welded together to form a rigid frame.
  • Wire and cover sheeting is fastened with steel Tek screws and Large Flange rivets.
  • Door width is 500 mm and is standard throughout the range.
  • Door height is 1100 mm in ‘L’ range of hutches and 1850 mm in ‘H’ hutches.
  • Hutch mesh is galvanised 25x25x2 mm wire. Other wire sizes may be quoted on request.
  • All doors are welded square tube steel.
  • L = Low Hutch, height = 1200 mm.
  • H = High Hutch, height = 2000 mm.
  • All measurements and dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly

All prices are current as at 1/3/2012

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